A drive for profitable development
Europorte, subsidiary of Getlink, is the leading private operator and reference player in rail freight in France.

Europorte is the first privately owned French operator to have been granted a rail operator licence by the public authorities in France for developing rail services throughout the European Union. Europorte develops the complementary activities of its commercial subsidiaries: Europorte France, Europorte Services (Socorail Brand) and Europorte Proximité.

Thanks to its dense coverage in France, Europorte is positioned as a growth vector for Getlink, present across the entire rail freight transport logistical chain, from collecting and routing on primary and secondary networks (Europorte France) or loading and unloading of wagons on private branch lines on industrial sites (Europorte Services/Socorail), to managing rail infrastructure (ports, private and public/private industrial sites) in France and also in Belgium.

Europorte is offering complete and customised solutions to its customers, meeting their expectations for integrated logistics chains and high quality of service.

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The strategy for all Europorte's activities focus on productivity and quality of service.
Pascal Sainson Chairman of Europorte

A successful strategy

In 2018, Europorte saw an increase in both its activity and its profitability. This improvement is the result of a strategy that has prioritised productivity over volume. In rail traction, concentrating commercial and operational resources on major customers and optimizing human resources, through the use of powerful digital tools, generated a 20% increase in productivity.

Europorte strives on a daily basis to stregthen its unique business culture and its innovative global offer of services based on 4 core values: safety, quality of service, punctuality and digitalisation.

Railway traction activity

Every day, Europorte France carries out main line rail haulage operations 24 hours a day and 7 days a week throughout France with connections to neighbouring European countries, in partnership or as an open acess operator, particularly in Belgium where Europorte has its own railway authorisations. Europorte France, which operates in average 170 commercial trains per week, is developing its operating model to serve its private industrial customer, based on six key parameters:

  • Optimisation of transport plans based on regular paths
  • Organisation of the rail businesses through regional hubs
  • Guaranteed service through provision of reliable human and other resources dedicated to traffic
  • Regular punctuality delivery of goods
  • Safety on customers’ private branch lines and on the national railway network
  • Communication on the status of customers’ freight traffic.

net tonnes of goods transported in 2018


main line electric and diesel locomotives


tonne-kilometres for Europorte France in 2018

Activity of railway infrastructure management and logistics

Europorte, through its subsidairies Socorail and Europorte Services, is the leading private expert in railway operations and logistics services on industrial sites in France, which include:

  • The management of industrial sidings including reception, handling and dispatch of loaded or unloaded wagons and the associated administrative processing
  • Loading and unloading wagons, particularly tank wagons
  • Terminal rail services in port zones and on the French national railway network
  • The provision of rail haulage engines on a full service basis
  • Track maintenance
  • Traffic management of rail networks at various ports
  • The management of front offices and loading tracks for tank wagons
  • The operation of the port terminal for an oil refinery.

of track managed and maintained by Europorte Services


industrial sites on which Europorte works


railway networks managed on 6 major French ports

Activity of rail operator over short distances and railway maintenance

Europorte, through its subsidiary Europorte Proximité, focuses on its maintenance activity for low-power diesel locomotives used by Europorte France et Socorail / Europorte Services. As an expert in preventive and corrective maintenance for this type of rolling stock, its teams operates interventions across the whole of France and have a maintenance workshop in Arc-les-Gray.

Europorte, the architecte of railway solutions

Europorte France: rail freight train traction

The industrial customers trust the know-how and quality of service provided by Europorte France for long-distance traction.

Socorail: railway operations and logistics services

in particular in the oil, chemicals, steel making, automotive and construction material sectors.

Socorail: recognised know-how

in the areas of the optimisation and rationalisation of track maintenance et railway safety.

Expertise at the service of 6 major Franch ports

Management and maintenance of the railway networks of Dunkirk, Le Havre, Nantes-St Nazaire, La Rochelle, Bordeaux and Strasbourg.

Diversification of services on industrial sites

Intregrated rail services, MASE and ISO9001 certifications and an experience on industrial inluding on Seveso sites.

Outlook in feeder networks

The maintenance of fedder networks which comprise around 1,500km of low-traffic minor lines that serve industrial sites, creates significant development prospects for the company. Socorail has already won calls for tender for the delegated infrastructure management of feeder networks in the Hauts-de-France region, where the regional authority has taken over a number of networks, in Alsace and near Bordeaux, for the Bec d’Ambès line.

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