Rolling stock

The fleet

Locomotives Eurotunnel

At the end of 2017, Eurotunnel’s rolling stock fleet will include:

  • 57 electric locomotives
  • 9 Passenger Shuttles for cars and coaches, i.e. 216 Bombardiers carrier wagons and 38 Bombardier loaders
  • 18 Truck Shuttles:
    * WBN type: 96 carrier wagons, 9 loaders and 6 additional spare wagons
    * Arbel type: 292 carrier wagons and 29 loaders
    * Breda type: 202 carriers and 23 loaders
  • 7 diesel locomotives (Krupp)
  • 12 Schöma and 30 works train platform wagons
  • 5 road-rail vehicles

The locomotives

Locomotive Eurotunnel

All locomotives are of the Bo-Bo-Bo configuration, i.e. they are equipped with three bogies, each with two motorised axles. This provides the dual advantage of excellent adhesion between wheel and rail and improved performance.

Each Eurotunnel Shuttle in commercial operation has two locomotives, one at each end of the shuttle and is about 800m long.

Out of the fleet of 57 Brush/Bombardier locomotives, 45 have currently a power of 7 megawatts (MW), while the other 12 have an original power of 5.6MW.

The Passenger Shuttles

Eurotunnel Passenger Shuttle

Each of the 9 Eurotunnel Passenger Shuttles consists of two separate halves, or rakes. One has a single deck for coaches, minibuses, caravans and vehicles higher than 1.85m. The other transports cars and motorcycles on a double deck. A complete Passenger Shuttle is made up of 24 carriages and four loading/unloading wagons and can carry 12 coaches and 120 cars.

The fleet of 9 Passenger Shuttles therefore comprises 108 single deck carriages, 108 double deck carriages and 38 double or single deck loader wagons.

rEurotunnel Passenger Shuttle

The Passenger Shuttles were built in stainless steel by the Canadian group Bombardier Inc., BN (Belgium) and ANF (France).

Carriages have been insulated with materials used in the aeronautic industry, providing the best protection against high thermal variations and able to resist fire for 30 minutes. Each carriage is closed at each end with specially designed fire resistant doors, and equiped with smoke, vapour, heat and fire detectors.

The Truck Shuttles

Eurotunnel Truck Shuttles

At the end of 2017, Eurotunnel will have a fleet of 18 Truck Shuttles, 3 new WBN Shuttles, 6 Breda-Fiat Shuttles and 9 of the Arbel type, each made up of 2 locomotives, 3 loading/unloading wagons and 32 or 30 carrier wagons, and each able to accomodate a 44-tonne truck.

For safety and security, truck drivers travel in an amenity carriage (club car).

Ordered at the beginning of 2015, the 3 new 3rd generation Truck Shuttles have been built using the latest technology. The1st entered service in February 2017, the 2nd in August 2017 and the 3rd will enter commercial service in November 2017. This investment will increase the capacity of our Truck Shuttle offer by 20% and enable to increase the number of departures to 8 per hour and per direction.

Eurotunnel Truck Shuttle (Arbel Shuttle)