Getlink - New work of art
A monumental artwork for Eurotunnel’s 25th anniversary

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Eurotunnel, the vital link for 25 years
1994-2019: Eurotunnel, the Vital Link for 25 years

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Europorte, the leading private rail freight operator in France
Europorte, France’s leading private rail freight operator

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ElecLink, A 1GW electrical interconnector - Getlink
ElecLink, the future 1GW electrical interconnector

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Getlink, leader in eco-responsible transport
Getlink, leader in eco-responsible transport

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of trade in goods between the UK and continental Europe


tonnes of CO2 emissions to be saved thanks to ElecLink


tonnes-kilometres transported by Europorte France

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14 Jul 2020 - 5:35 p.m.

New Group Environment Director
29 June 2020

The arrival of Vincent Ducros, new Groupe Environnement Director, will help us to structure the environmental conservation approach and thus highlight the value ans the specific potential of Getlink as a green player in the market.

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Getlink at a glance
Mobility, international and eco-responsible transport.
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