A responsible governance

Getlink - a responsible governance

A corporate governance in line with tommorrow’s challenges

The governance structure of Getlink is adapted to the specific needs of the business arising from its binational nature and is part of a continuous improvement process in accordance with the Afep/Medef Code, in order to support the overall vision for the development of the company. It is based on a responsible and expert board of Directors which is also international and diversified in its composition enabling it to set long-term strategic orientation and to oversee its implementation as well as the proper functioning of the internal control processes.

From the outset, the Group has developed on strong values that ensure cohesion, its future and its development. The Board of Directors is committed to promoting those values, as as the governance and ethical practices, within the Group.

Getlink SE as a European company, is a member of ASEP, the Alliance for the Promotion of European Companies.

Governance structure
Executive Committee of Getlink

General Management is assisted by an Executive Committee, a reflection and consultation body.

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Committees of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors delegates to the special committees the task of preparing and submitting information on specific topics for the Board's approval. Read more on the six Board's Committees, their composition and activity.

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Board of Directors of Getlink

The Board of Directors determines the strategic long-term orientations of the company and controls its implementation . Read more on its composition, its members and activity.

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