Getlink - Eleclink
The 1GW electrical interconnector via the Tunnel
The future electrical interconnector between the United Kingdom and France will contribute to strengthen the energy security for the two countries.

A strategic project

  • Enhanced energy security of both countries
  • A new infrastructure adding value to the Group: 25-year exemption for the sale of capacity
  • 1,000MW electricity capacity, equivalent to the consumption of 2 million households
  • A 3-year construction work: creation of 300 jobs on site, of which 40 permanent for ElecLink
  • A minimal impact on the environment.

The ElecLink project aims to build, install and operate an electricity interconnector between the United Kingdom and France, by installing two direct current cables inside the Channel Tunnel. These two cables will enable the electricity produced, on either side of the Channel, to circulate between the two countries as needed. The new interconnector ElecLink, a subsidiary wholly- owned by Getlink, will increase the current transmission capacity between the United Kingdom and France by 50%. Major project to add value to the Tunnel infrastructure, ElecLink is able to generate stable and secure long-term revenue for the Group.

ElecLink: how does it work?

Labelled as «European project of common interest”, the project has already obtained support from both countries when launched in 2012.

Eleclink - How does it work ?

Progess on construction works

  • Building of the two converter stations in Folkestone (UK) and in Peuplingues (France) being completed
  • Preparatory works completed, including the installation of the monorail in the nroth tunnel
  • Pulling perations of the 51km cable pending final approval of the Intergovernmental Commission (IGC)
  • Operational service in 2020.

The project investment amounts to €213M in 2018, bringing the total investment since the integration of Eleclink in the Group to €453M, entirely financed by the Group using its own resources.

Eleclink construction work
Video of the ElecLink’s construction work

Proven technologies and world-class partners

Following a tender process, the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts were awarded to partners with an international reputation: Siemens has built the converter stations, Balfour Beatty/Prysmian are responsible for the manufacturing and installation of the DC cables in the Tunnel and the underground AC cable system in the UK.

Safety, a top priority

ElecLink uses reliable technology for its high-voltage direct current system, for its cables and converter stations. Several comprehensive safety studies were conducted for the conception, construction, operation and maintenance phases of the project.

Safety, both in terms of construction and operation of the cable in the Tunnel, is a top priority for the Group and is monitored regularly by the Channel Tunnel Safety Authority (CTSA). Technologies used meet the highest health, safety and environmental protection requirements, under the auspices of the IGC (Intergovernmental Commission).

A minimal impact on the environment

The ElecLink project contributes to support the balance of the energy mix of the UK and France and is distinguished by an exceptionally low impact on the environment. Using the existing infrastructure of the Fixed Link, ElecLink will avoid any interference with the marine ecosystem.


tonnes of CO2 emissions saved thanks to the interconnector


converter stations connected to the NGET (UK) and RTE networks (GR)


metres of overhead power lines or undersea cables

ElecLink installations in pictures

Eleclink - The converter station in Peuplingues
The converter station in Peuplingues (FR)

A station of 25 m high and over 4,700 m2.

Eleclink - The converter station in Folkestone
The converter station in Folkestone (UK)

with 4 transformers of 400 tonnes each per station.

Eleclink - The exchange of electricity between UK and France
The exchange of electricity between the two countries

will permit to manage the peaks and troughs in energy demand.

Eleclink - Preparatory works in the north Tunnel
Preparatory works in the north Tunnel

including the installation of 7,400 Hex beams and 8,250 steel brackets.

Eleclink - Construction of the helix
Construction of the helix on both terminals

to pull the cable in the Tunnel pending the approval of the IGC.

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