Eurotunnel railway network

Eurotunnel Network Statement

Eurotunnel is concessionaire of the cross-Channel Fixed Link and makes paths available to train operators who are licensed to operate cross-channel rail passenger and rail freight services.

Railway operators wishing to use the Channel Tunnel will find the access conditions in the Network Statements of Eurotunnel:

ETICA to help develop cross-Channel rail traffic

To develop railway traffic between the United Kingdom and continental Europe, Eurotunnel has established ETICA (Eurotunnel Incentive for Capacity Additions), a system of financial incentives for rail operators launching new rail services through the Channel Tunnel. ETICA is a voluntary assistance measure at Eurotunnel’s sole initiative, based on a system of time-limited grants and open to all railway undertakings, submitted to a consultation process prior to publication.

Open access statistical declaration

Fixed Link Performance Regime