Committees of the Board of Directors

As at 31 December 2019, the Getlink's Board of Directors is organised into 6 specialised Committees whose members were selected with regard to their skills, expertises and experiences, for them to make an efficient and informed contribution to the works of the Committees in which they participate.

Composition and responsibilities of the Board of Directors’ Committees

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is composed of 5 members, including Colette Lewiner (Chairwoman).

All members of the Committee have specific financial and accounting skills. The independence rate of the Committee was of 83% and its attendance rate of 91% in 2019. The Committee met 6 times in 2019.

The main duties of the Committee are to monitor the process of preparation of the financial and accounting information, to ensure the statutory audit of the financial statements by the statutory auditors, to monitor the effectiveness of internal control and risk management systems as well as the independence of the statutory auditors.

The Audit Committee meets at least 4 times a year when meetings are called by its Chair.

Nominations and Remuneration Committee

The Nominations and Remuneration Committee is composed of 6 members, including Perrette Rey (Chairwoman).

The main missions of the Committee in these two areas consist mainly in:

  • making recommendations to the Board of Directors in particular for the selection of new directors, assessing the size and composition of the Board and identifying the persons with the appropriate qualities to join the Board.
  • preparing the remuneration of executive officers before approval by the Board by reviewing the financial and operational objective criteria, working on arrangements to link the remuneration of employees and of management to the business’s performance.

In 2019, the Committee met at least 4 times with an attendance rate of 100%.

Corporate Committee

The Corporate Committee is composed of 8 members, including Tim Yeo (Chairman).

The Corporate Committee is the result of the merger of the Ethics and Governance Committee and the Strategy and Sustainable Development Committee. It considers all questions concerning governance and the strategic and environmental orientation of the Group and reports on these to the Board. In 2019, the Committee met once with a 100% attendance rate. Its independence rate was of 89%.

Safety and Security Committee

The Safety and Security Committee is composed of 6 members, including Jean-Pierre Trotignon (Chairman).

This Committee is tasked with monitoring safety and security issues within each sector of activity of the Group. it includes to monitor individual and collective safety and performance indicators for the corresponding action plans as well as workplace accident indicators and all questions relating to rail safety for Eurotunnel and Europorte and to the ElecLink project. In 2019, the Committee met 6 times with a 73% attendance rate. Its independence rate was 67%.

Economic Regulations Monitoring Committee

The Economic Regulations Monitoring Committee is composed of a maximum of 5 members, including Patricia Hewitt (Chairwoman).

The Committee is responsible for monitoring the efficiency of internal control systems ensuring the proper application of segregation of duty principles and other measures set out in the economic regulations, the relations with the supervisory authorities and regulators, the approval, certification or licence processes and related retention processes, as well as the economic regulation monitoring processes implemented in the Group.

The Board Committees in figures

Committees of the Board with complementary expertise


Board Committee meetings in total in 2019


Board Committees chaired by women

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