Getlink’s CSR strategy

From the outset, the Getlink Group has made social and environmental responsibility an integral part of its strategy. The Group’s Franco-British identity has played a major role in this, and the members of the Board of Directors are particularly sensitive to the challenges of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Structured around four dimensions (environmental, social, societal and governance strategy), Getlink’s CSR strategy and its implementation are regularly examined and reviewed by the Board of Directors, which ensures that it is integrated and coordinated with the Group’s strategy.

Getlink environmental strategy is at the heart of its performance model

Getlink was one of the first SBF 120 companies to introduce a resolution on its climate plan. A pioneer in low carbon mobility, it offers a solution for crossing the English Channel by car that emits 73 times less CO2 than ferries*.

The Group is committed to reducing its direct and indirect GHG emissions**, in line with the European Union’s and the United Kingdom’s Net Zero ambitions. It has set itself a reduction target of minus 30% by 2025 and minus 54% by 2030.

In the area of waste management, Getlink activates all the available levers to avoid final waste and to encourage a collective dynamic around the circular economy. The Group aims to improve its activities’ environmental performance by controlling their impact on the natural environment and biodiversity, and by preserving air quality at its sites.

* Carbone 4 study of October 2020 Carbon performance of Getlink’s activities
** GHG: Greenhouse gas

The women and men of Getlink are the Group’s greatest asset

As much as it is demanding in terms of controlling its environmental impacts, the Group is striving every day to guarantee the health and safety of the teams, and to create the conditions for constructive social dialogue.

As a responsible employer, it ensures that the teams are diverse, fairly treated, inclusive, have a good working environment, and develop their skills.

Striving for a positive impact on society and local communities

Adapted to the organisation’s specific characteristics and challenges, Getlink’s governance is part of a constant process of progress in service of the organisation’s strategy, and fully integrates social and environmental responsibility.

It is based on a map of the Group’s stakeholders, as well as on a materiality analysis that identifies and prioritises the Group’s most relevant issues, according to their impact and the expectations of stakeholders. This analysis has been approved by the Board of Directors’ Ethics and CSR Committee in November 2022.

Getlink's stakeholders

Materiality matrix