Shareholders event 

shareholders visits
Site visits for individual shareholders

This type of event represents a great opportunity to exchange views and for convivial meetings between shareholders and some representatives of Getlink. These visits, which will continue to be proposed  to individual shareholders in the future, enable them to discover the activities of the Group.

Visits of the Eurotunnel terminal in Coquelles

On Saturday 19 October 2019, Getlink welcomed to the Coquelles terminal nearly a hundred individual shareholders who were interested in seeing for themselves the Eurotunnel operational aspects and had previously registered for the visits on the Société Générale Securities Services sharinbox platform.

All the visits started with a time for conviviality and discussion at the Head Office and the screening of videos to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Eurotunnel’s operations.

During the 90-minute to 2-hour guided tours, shareholders were able to discover the behind-the-scenes at the Channel Tunnel, the Shuttle terminal for passenger vehicles, the platform area for loading and unloading vehicles onto and from the Passenger and Truck Shuttles, the service tunnel, the maintenance area, the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight terminal for trucks, as well as the new installations created for Brexit.

According to testimonies of participants, all said they felt privileged to have taken part in such exceptional visits and expressed an interest in discovering other operational aspects in the future.

Shareholders feedback

Ready now to visit the service tunnel (Brigitte & Joël)

Really impressed with the gigantic size of the terminal, its logistics and the spirit of belonging to the Group.

Impressive logistics for the ElecLink project (Cécile & Noël)

The Eurotunnel terminal visit has confirmed our conviction of the importance of being Getlink shareholders.

Privileged to have taken a few steps inside the service tunnel (Olivier)

Very pleasant visit both for discovering the terminal's infrastructure and for the information on railway operations.

Since 1986 I have dreamt of the Tunnel and I have now visited it! (Michel)

I am very proud to be a Getlink shareholder and to have contributed to the development of my region. Thank you for this great visit.

A very interesting and well organised visit (Françoise & Gérard)

Truly impressed by the site security level and the teams professionalism. Ready now to visit the UK side!