Strategy and sustainability

A responsible group on the move

Committed to a value-creation model that places people, nature and regions at the heart of its concerns, Getlink has incorporated the values of sustainable development and eco-responsibility into its strategy from the outset. Today, Getlink’s CSR action plan is deployed in line with best practice and is supported by tangible assessments and analysis, carried out on a regular basis to integrate tomorrow’s challenges and seize opportunities for innovation. Through its activities, the Group prevents the emission of the equivalent of 1.4 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

Our CSR commitments

Environmental responsibility: Getlink, a major player in the low carbon movement.

Actively involved in decarbonising the transport sector, the Group is now the leader in low carbon cross-Channel transport.

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Social responsibility: Getlink, a responsible employer

Getlink is building a working environment that is conducive to the personal development and fulfilment of each team member.

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Social responsibility: Getlink, a committed partner

Getlink makes a significant and lasting contribution to the social and economic development of the areas where it has a foothold.

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  • 140

    hectares of natural areas, including 93 hectars of protected areas

  • 35

    hectares managed as eco-pasture in France

  • 94/100

    professional equality index

Did you know?

A lorry crossing the Channel with LeShuttle Freight emits 12 times less greenhouse gases than by ferry. For a car, it’s 73 times less!