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The Vital Link for more than 25 years
Eurotunnel's 2,700 team members manage the Vital Link that unites the United Kingdom and the European continent.

A Vital Link in Europe

Eurotunnel makes an important contribution to the economic vitality of Europe, by bringing people, business and culture together:

  • The Channel Tunnel is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to cross the Channel
  • The Fixed Link is the only cross-Channel service open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Eurotunnel is to date the only operator on the Short Straits to have published a carbon footprint report since 2007 and offers by far the most environmentally-friendly cross-Channel service.

World leader in piggyback transport

Eurotunnel operates and directly markets Shuttle services through the Tunnel:

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle - Getlink

  • Eurotunnel Le Shuttle transports cars, coaches, motorcycles and camper-vans and their passengers onboard its 9 Passenger Shuttles between Folkestone and Coquelles.
  • Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight enables HGVs to cross the Channel on board its 17 Truck Shuttles, with one departure every 8 to 10 minutes on average.


Eurotunnel, which holds the Channel Tunnel Concession until 2086, also offers a Railway Network to operators and manages safely and efficiently the circulation of the following services:

  • High-speed Eurostar passenger trains
  • Rail freight trains.

million passengers have travelled through the Tunnel since 1994


of trade in goods between the UK and continental Europe


million vehicles of all types have used the Tunnel since 1994

Eurotunnel’ strengths

  • A strong and lasting territorial rooting in the Kent and Calais regions
  • Teams skilled in managing complex infrastructures and railway jobs
  • A range of services helping to meet environmental challenges
  • A corporte culture based on ethics, joint commitment and customer value
  • The cross-Channel Fixed Link, the fastest and the most environmentally-friendly way to cross the Short Straits between the United Kingdom and continental Europe
  • A very long-term Concession (until 2086) with a secure legal framework.

Our promises to customers

  • SAFE: never compromise on safety, including from a health perspective
  • GREEN: provide eco-responsible services
  • SMART: digitalise to provide an enhanced experience for the well-being of people
  • PREMIUM: offer a unique and high-quality travel experience and services.
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