Board of Directors

The governance structure of Getlink is based on a responsible and expert Board of Directors which is also international and diversified in its composition enabling it to set long-term strategic orientation and to oversee its implementation.

Composition of the Board of Directors

As at 28 April 2021, the Board of Directors of Getlink is composed of 15 members, including 3 staff representative Directors.

Jacques Gounon
Corinne Bach
Independent Director
Bertrand Badré
Independent Director
Carlo Bertazzo
Non-independent Director

Mark Cornwall
Staff representative Director
Elisabetta De Bernardi di Valsera
Sharon Flood
Independent Director

Patricia Hewitt
Independent Director - Environment and Climate Lead Director
Jean-Marc Janaillac
Independent Director
Yann Leriche
Non-independent Director

Colette Lewiner
Independent Director
Perrette Rey
Independent Director
Stéphane Sauvage
Staff representative Director

Jean-Pierre Trotignon
Independent Director
Philippe Vanderbec
Staff representative Director
Board of Directors in figures*

Independence rate


Directors not resident in France


of the Board are women

* As at 28 April 2021 and excluding the staff representative Directors.




staff representative Directors


Board meetings in 2020

Competencies of the Board members in 2020

Additional information
Biographies of the members of the Board

The composition of the Board of Directors of Getlink reflects the diversity and complementarity of experience and skills as shown by the biographies of the members.

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Committees of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors delegates to the special committees the task of preparing and submitting information on specific topics for the Bpard's approval. Read more on the six Board Committees, their composition and activity.

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