Executive Committee

The General Management of Getlink relies on the Executive Committee (COMEX), a body for reflection, exchange and discussion concerning the Group's interests.

Composition of Getlink Executive Committee (as at 1st July 2020)
Yann Leriche
Chief Executive Officer of Getlink
Michel Boudoussier
Chief Corporate Officer
Patrick Etienne
Director of Rolling Stock, Supply Chain and Energy Unit - Eurotunnel
Laurent Fourtune
Chief Operating Officer - Eurotunnel

Philippe de Lagune
Chief Operating Officer - Security
Steven Moore
Chief Executive Officer - ElecLink
Claire Piccolin
Company Secretary to the Getlink Board of Directors - Compliance Officer

Sandrine Prieur
Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Getlink
Pascal Sainson
Chief Operating Officer - Chairman of Europorte

The Executive Committee relies on a Management Committees comprising the directors of other functional departments.

Concession Coordination Commitee

The Concession Coordination is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the operation and maintenance of the Fixed Link
  • Representing the Concessionaires at tge IGC with respect to the operation of the Fixed Link.

The members of the Concession Coordination Committee are:

  • Yann Leriche
  • Michel Boudoussier.
The Board of Directors of Getlink

The Board of Directors of Getlink sets the company's strategic orientation and oversees its implementation.

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2019 Universal Registration Document

The Chapter 4 of the Universal Registration Document includes the components of the corporate governance report of Getlink SE.

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Board Committees

The Board of Directors of Getlink SE draws on the work of six Committees with complementary expertise.

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