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Getlink, the shortest route to the low carbon future

Getlink was born of a pioneering idea that has become a remarkable industrial and commercial success story that has had a profound impact on European history: building a Channel Tunnel to bring people together and develop economies. Our Group has been at the forefront of the great innovations in travel and transport of the 20th century: high-speed connections between European capitals, the digitalisation of logistics and mobility, and combined transport with the LeShuttle service via the Tunnel, which has become the world’s first rail motorway.

The story of our group is still young but it is accelerating. For 30 years, Getlink has been innovating continuously to perpetuate this movement, anticipate new expectations to the mobility and transport issues, to make them simpler and low-carbon.

We are Getlink
We are Getlink

Our life is movement.

4 entities dedicated to the passenger, freight and electricity transport 


Eurotunnel is the operator of the Channel Tunnel and the leader in the cross-Channel transport. It links Coquelles (Calais) in France to Folkestone in the UK in 35 mn through its rail shuttle services: 

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LeShuttle, the Passenger rail shuttle service which allows travellers to cross the Channel in cars, coaches, motorbikes or motorhomes.  2,127 million passenger vehicles, 8,3 million passengers.

LeShuttle Freight, the rail shuttle service dedicated to freight, which transports heavy goods vehicles and their drivers, departing every 8 to 10 minutes on average.  1,447 million trucks.

Eurotunnel also provides passage for high-speed passenger and rail freight trains. Since the United Kingdom left the European Union, Eurotunnel, the essential link between the UK and the continent, has developed smart border technology so that the Tunnel remains the fastest, simplest and most reliable way to cross the Channel.

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Europorte is the Group’s private French rail freight operator and rail infrastructure manager in France and Europe. . Continuously and selectively expanding, Europorte has extended its footprint and services from France to Switzerland, Germany and the Benelux countries.

800 km of track managed and maintained.

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A European-scale project and a 100% subsidiary of the Getlink group, ElecLink operates a 1GW HVDC electricity interconnector between France and Great Britain. ElecLink helps to strengthen the security of energy supply between the two countries and is the first HVDC electricity interconnector between France and the UK that has no impact on the underwater environment.

With its High Voltage DC electricity transmission cables, ElecLink is the world’s first electricity interconnector to be deployed in a rail infrastructure beneath the sea.

ElecLink meets a threefold objective: to strengthen the security of energy supply through the integration of electricity networks on a European scale, promote access to more affordable energy and support the journey to decarbonisation. As such, it plays a major economic and societal role.

By capitalising on the existing infrastructure of the Channel Tunnel, ElecLink is able to transport electricity generated in France or Great Britain without interacting with the underwater ecosystem.

The deployment of ElecLink in the Tunnel is part of a strategy to optimise the Group’s assets.

An operational and commercial success, ElecLink has transported 6 TWh of electricity in its first year of commercial operation, with an availability rate of 94%.

A world class technical feat, ElecLink lies at the convergence of the transport and energy sectors! With an electricity capacity of 1,000MW (=1GW), it able to supply the equivalent of more than 1.6 million homes – the equivalent of the Lyon metropolitan area.

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CIFFCO (Centre International de Formation Ferroviaire de la Côte d’Opale) is a private training organisation approved by the EPSF (the French authority for Rail Safety). It offers training courses covering all rail-related jobs.

20,000 days of training provided in 2023

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Low carbon, high simplicity

Getlink is at the heart of the issues that will shape the coming years: smart borders, rail freight, electricity interconnection between the UK and the continent, decarbonisation of trade, reinventing customer relations, etc. The Group anticipates the expectations of its customers – passengers, industrial companies and hauliers, players in the electric power market – and provides effective responses to mobility and transport issues to make them simpler and low-carbon.

Low-carbon, because rail is low-carbon by nature. Getlink’s turnover is 93% in line with the European taxonomy, which is exceptional. Nevertheless, the Group’s commitment to improving its environmental footprint remains ambitious. Our roadmap and our partnerships are leading us towards the ultimate ambition of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

High simplicity, because in a complex environment, this is what creates customer preference: Whether they are customers of LeShuttle or LeShuttle Freight, or of our industrial infrastructures, they all appreciate the fluidity, flexibility and simplicity of our relationship.

The Group’s environmental trajectory is robust. It has set itself the ambition of becoming one of the leaders in decarbonising transport. The remarkable rate of alignment of its turnover with the European taxonomy, at 93%, now meets the criteria for reducing carbon emissions. This low-carbon movement initiated by Getlink advocates both climate and financial performance. The Group’s aim to improve the environmental footprint of its activities is ambitious, with a target of carbon neutrality by 2050. To monitor this trajectory, Getlink has created the  decarbonisation margin indicatorwhich will achieve a remarkable score of 97% in 2023.

The Group’s results for 2023 will be of the highest quality, with record sales of €1.8 billion, thanks to daily attention, operational excellence and the quality of the services offered.

It has a solid outlook for all its service activities: LeShuttle, smart border solutions, training and Europorte’s rail activities. The unique infrastructures of ElecLink and Eurotunnel provide relevant responses to the challenges of the 21st century in terms of balancing energy needs between the United Kingdom and Europe and developing high-speed links between European capitals.

The Group will continue to grow in line with its values, aiming for a dual performance in terms of climate change and financial performance.

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Getlink's strategic orientations
"Our margin is 97% decarbonised"

The indicator is a direct response to political choices in the fight against climate change

As a natural extension to the Eurotunnel Border Pass

Sherpass offers customs and border services.