Our commitments 

Getlink - Our Commitments
Creation of shared values
Creating value for the future and with CSR at the heart of its strategy, Getlink has invested in social, environmental and operational innovations for the past 25 years.

Creator of a vital link that brings countries and peoples together, a major contributor to mobility, rooted in its regions, a leader in eco-friendly transport, Getlink integrates corporate social responsibility at the heart of its strategy. The Group is pursuing an economic development policy and carrying out the mission as a land developer assigned to it by the UK and French governments more than a quarter of a century ago.

5 strategic values to build the future of Getlink

Getlink - Our commitments - Human first
Mobilisation of the teams in a working environment that promotes the development and personal fulfilment of its employees and strengthening the Group’s ability to attract talent.
Getlink - Our commitments - digital transformation
Implementation of innovative solutions with high-added value (ElecLink), deployment of the digital transformation plan (Smart Tunnel) and continuation of investment policies.
Getlink - Our commitments - Providing mobility transport and infrastructure solutions
Providing mobility transport and infrastructure solutions that are among the most environmentally friendly, contributing to energy transition and providing continued support to local communities.
Getlink - Our commitments - safety of people
Since the outset, the safety of people, assets and goods has been Getlink’s top priority: it is the safest way to cross the Channel and to transport goods on the national railway networks.
Getlink - Our ocmmitments - Premium services
Continuous improvement of quality of service, tailored commercial offer to the customers’ needs, development of a personalised customer experience.
Getlink - discover Samphire hoe
Discover Samphire Hoe
Visit Samphire Hoe, Eurotunnel's 30-hectare nature reserve located at the foot of the White Cliffs of Dover in Kent.
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