Environmental responsibility 

Getlink - Environmental responsibility
At the heart of its DNA

Committed from the start to an approach based on Corporate Social Responsibility, Getlink provides mobility transport and infrastructure solutions that are among the most environmentally friendly. Today, the Group is positioned as the leader in eco-responsible transport and is fully engaged in energy transition.

Leader in eco-responsible transport

Carbon emissions generated by rail freight are 99 times lower than those of air transport and 8 times lower than those of ferries.

Getlink has achieved a further reduction in the Group’s greenhouse gas emissions of -21% in 2020 (vs 2019), mainly due to the the decrease in electricity consumption for the Concession and in fuel consumption for the Group’s locomotives and vehicles as a result of the health crisis, as well as an update of emission factors that are globally favourable.

In addition, Getlink features amongst the best prepared companies for the +2°C goal according to the barometer based on the NEC (Net Environmental Contribution) tool and published by La Tribune.

Environmental responsibility - Eurotunnel: 5th Carbon Trust Standard certificationIn 2007, Getlink became the first cross-Channel operator to have produced and published a carbon assessment, and remains the only one to have done so to date. Having pursued its proactive policy of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions since then, the Group obtained for the Concession, its fifth Carbon Trust Standard certification in 2017, for the 2015-2016 period. The audit, conducted every two years by this independent UK agency, assesses the company’s policy, conducts a detailed analysis of its performance in terms of carbon footprint reduction, and awards a certificate if the objectives have been met.

Focusing on genuine initiatives for sustainable development, more than 250 employees took part in the 65 workshops and challenges laid on during the first edition of the Green Week, based around four themes: eco-driving of trains, waste management, environmentally friendly practices, and water management.

At Socorail, the Europorte subsidiary specialising in logistics management at industrial sites, the progress made in terms of environmental protection and safety were hailed by the renewal of certifications by ISO 9001 (Quality Management), MASE (French Corporate Safety Improvement Guide) and SQAS (Safety Quality Assessment for Sustainability).

Socorail’s Infrastructure Management branch is implementing is pursuing the process to obtain MASE certification.

Getlink - Eleclink - Low carbon economy

ElecLink, the cross-Channel interconnector project is the most environmentally friendly. By optimizing the existing Channel Tunnel infrastructure and promoting the development of alternative energies in France and the United Kingdom, the ElecLink 1 GW electrical interconnector will reduce CO2 emissions by c.6.1 million tonnes. With no aerial power lines or submarine cables, the use of the Tunnel avoids interferences with marine life.

Getlink - Environmental responsibility - organic refrigerant gas

The eight refrigeration units in the plants at Sangatte and Shakespeare Cliff, responsible for cooling the pressurised water sent through the railway tunnels to keep the temperature below 30°C, have been replaced. The new refrigeration units are much more powerful and halve the electrical power consumption. Another advantage is that they use an organic refrigerant gas, HFO, which has no effect on the environment.

The Group is pursuing its strategy of paper document digitalisation by acquiring tools that restrict printing, specifically the DocuSign application, a signature service that gives Freight customers the opportunity to sign contracts and account-opening requests digitally. At Europorte, the ever-increasing use of smartphones and tablets, together with the introduction of the SICOR tool, are further reducing the consumption of ink and paper, in favour of digital documentation.

In 2019
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Getlink - Biodiversity


Eurotunnel eco-pasture: the polluting mechanical equipment used to maintain the green areas around the Coquelles terminal has been partially replaced by cattle. Around fifteen cows, both Salers and Highland cattle, chosen for their hardiness and ability to live outside all year, even on the Opal Coast, now graze 34 hectares considerably more peacefully than land-clearers did. An agreement was signed with a local farmer who looks after both herds.

Samphire Hoe wins a 15th Green Flag Award

Samphire Hoe Green Flag Award - GetlinkIn July 2020, the Samphire Hoe nature reserve of Getlink, reclaimed from the sea during the construction of the Channel Tunnel using the millions of tonnes of chalk marl extracted from beneath the sea, received its 15th Green Flag Award. It rewards the most outstanding parks and green areas in the UK and community engagement efforts. Each year, the nature reserve of Samphire Hoe welcomes more than 100,000 visitors, including many school groups, who can find some 140 species of birds and 200 of plants there, and in particular thousands of orchids of all kinds.

Restricting private car travel

Getlink - restrictive private car travel

As part of its Corporate Travel Plan which aims to limit staff travel by private car, the Concession has already implemented several actions:

  • A shuttle bus between the TGV station in Fréthun and the terminal in Coquelles encourages employees living in Lille or Boulogne to commute to work by train
  • A Getlink community, available on the passpass.fr carpool platform
  • A mobility day, where employees were able to test-drive electric cars and bicycles
  • A governmental programme Cycle to Work which allows British employees to benefit from tax deductions of at least 25% of the price of the bike purchased. Many of them also participate to the National Cycle Day.
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