Innovation and digitalisation 

Getlink - Innovation and digitalisation
To improve efficiency and competitivity
Getlink is pursuing its process of innovative solutions with high-added value and its digital transformation plan to guarantee the future.

Getlink is pursuing its continuous improvement and modernisation process, across all business activities, as well as its major digital transformation plan to get ready for tomorrow’s mobility by improving customer experience, maintenance management and operational performance.

Accelerated by the preparations for Brexit, the digital transformation plan of €100M over 5 years, which requires collaborative work, cross-discipline mobilisation and a review of the operational and management process, comprises more than 60 projects grouped into 5 major themes:

1. Increase fluidity of services

  • Digitalise the terminal and train operation teams and crews with smartphone and tablet apps
  • Track traffic flows in real time: contactless chips, equipment (cameras, counting systems, electronic booths)
  • Improve fluidity on both terminals and (traffic forecasts, data analysis).

2. Enhance customer experience

  • Improve connectivity
  • Provide real-time information throughout the entire journey of our customers
  • Implement intelligent and agile borders
  • Enable regular digital exchanges with truck drivers, hauliers and manufacturers
  • Implement connected objects (Internet of Things): smart sensors for Shuttle and freight locomotive maintenance
  • Digitalise customer relations: more responsive websites, easier booking system
  • Offer new payments methods.

3. Optimise infrastructure and rolling stock management through data analysis

  • Implement new smart sensors and data collection for more frequent and comprehensive monitoring
  • Build big data predictive maintenance models
  • Equip the teams with mobile devices
  • Implement new resource planning tools for staff, infrastructure and rolling stock.

4. Strengthen the digital culture of the Group and foster collaboration

  • Develop the digital vision across the Group
  • Offer innovative and digital training formats
  • Develop collaborative tools for the various subsidiaries
  • Identify required digital skills and plan training and recruitment
  • Digitalise the Human resources process

5. Develop IT tools for all the businesses of the Group

  • Adapt IT strategy with the evolution of the digital plan
  • Develop data analysis skills and pave the way for Machine Learning
  • Create a collaborative software production chain that links in-house customers to app development.
Getlink - Maintenance 3.0 at eurotunnel - Cobra robot
Maintenance 3.0 at Eurotunnel

The Cobra robot which was designed, developed and patented in partnership with the French Ecole des Ponts ParisTech enables improved productivity and infrastructure availability.