Activity and performance

The Channel Tunnel is the fastest, easiest, most reliable and environmentally-friendly way to cross the Short Straits.

Eurotunnel is developing a long-term strategy for profitable growth, by giving its customers, passengers, road hauliers, railway operators, high value-added solutions through the Channel Tunnel and beyond.

The services provided by Eurotunnel Truck and Passenger Shuttles deliver a strong competitive edge by continuously strengthening its commercial offers and in particular its quality of service, security and fluidity of trafic through its digital transformation plan and investments.

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle
More agile, connected and competitive offers.

New market share gains on the Short Straits in 2019

  • Car market share of 56.9%, up 2.3 points, outperforming the declining market (down by 6.2%)
  • Strengthening of the quality of service for the year
  • Slight decrease in car traffic of 2%, due to uncertainties surrounding Brexit
  • Pricing power of service
  • Increase in yield.

A service of quality and personalised

Eurotunnel Activity - Flexiplus
Flexiplus, a unique travel experience 24/7

Premium service: priority boarding no matter the arrival time, high-end services, business area, elegant and contemporary lounges.

Eurotunnel - "just-in-time" production process
Enhanced quality of service and operational efficiency

The #SimplyBetter programme is a key element of the strategy for further improving the service provided to customers.

Eurotunnel activity - Comfort for pets
More comfort for pets

Opening of a 3rd drive-through lane in Coquelles allowing pets to be controlled inside the vehicle.

Towards intelligent borders even more agile

More fluidity at border crossings with the automated biometric facial recognition e-gates for coach passengers travelling with Le Shuttle.

Eurotunnel Activity - Express courrier
Increased flexibility for express couriers

Commercial vans used for express delivery can travel in the Passenger Shuttles thanks to the scanners installed on both terminals.


million cars transported on Le Shuttle in 2019


pets crossed the Short Straits with Le Shuttle in 2019


of the vehicles travelling with Le Shuttle choose Flexiplus

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight
The Vital Link in the supply chain.

Leadership consolidated in 2019

  • Truck market share consolidated at 40.4%, in a market declining by 4.9% over the year
  • Strengthening of the quality of service with a hauliers’ satisfaction rate of 86% for the year
  • New all-time record for monthly traffic set in October with 153,600 trucks transported
  • Increase in load factor of Shuttles
  • Volume of traffic affected in 2019 by the uncertainties surrounding Brexit and the social strikes in France (Customs and against pension reform)
  • Increase in yield.

A premium service with high-added value

Eurotunnel - A vital link in the development of the new economy
A vital link in the development of the new economy

in particular for the transport of the high-value products (pharmachem products) or perishable (fresh) products).

Eurotunnel activity - Simplybetter programme
The Tunnel at the heart of the "just-in-time" production process

The Shuttle's speed, reliability, frequency and punctuality enable manufacturers and logisticians to avoid the costs of holding stocks.

Eurotunnel - A premium service tailored to customer needs
A premium service tailored to customer needs

A pricing policy differentiated at peak traffic period, a paid secured parking area, a service available 24 hours a day.

Eurotunnel - Le Shuttle Freight
Le Shuttle Freight, a key link for the courrier freight services

With the e-commerce development, the online orders can be delivered the next day thanks to the speed and frequency of Shuttle departures.

Investment for a proactive management of post-Brexit flows

Investment in customs facilities, controls regrouped at pit-stop, IT systems and parking export France.


trucks transported on Shuttles in 2019


trucks, the new monthly traffic record in October 2019


express delivery parcels transported each day via the Channel Tunnel

Eurostar's high-speed passenger trains
Railway Network - Eurostar
The high-speed passenger trains via le Channel Tunnel.

Eurostar trains link the United-Kingdom to the continent via the Channel Tunnel and in particular Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam as well Disneyland Paris and other destinations in the South of France or in the Alps depending on the seasons.

New all-time traffic record in 2019 and new services

  • All-time traffic record Eurostar, by exceeding 11 million passengers transported via the Channel Tunnel for the year
  • New increase in traffic of +1% in 2019, despite strikes in the spring and in December
  • Launch of a 3rd daily direct service between London and Amsterdam in June 2019, with journey times from London of 3 hours and 50 minutes to Amsterdam and 3 hours and 10 minutes to Rotterdam
  • Launch of a return direct service between Amsterdam and London on 30 April 2020 with 2 trains per day and between Rotterdam and London on 18 May with a progressive increase in frequency until 2022
  • Green Speed, the project to merge Eurostar and Thalys, which offers great opportunities for the development of eco-responsible traffic through the Channel Tunnel
  • Eurostar also operates a direct service to Disneyland Paris and to Lyon, Avignon and Marseille during the spring and summer and a service to Bourg-Saint-Maurice in winter
  • Project of new destinations such as Bordeaux and Genève or to Italia, Spain, Germany and Portugal.
Railway Network - cross-Channel freight trains
Rail freight trains without the need of modal shift, particularly environmentally-friendly, with a quality of service not affected by roadworks or weather conditions.

A steady momentum in 2019

  • New increase in cross-Channel rail freight traffic, up +3%
  • Growth of the number of rail freight trains is linked to the positive effect of the ETICA (Eurotunnel Incentive for Capacity Additions), a Eurotunnel scheme which supports the start-up of new services
  • The complete train scanner, operated by French Customs, enables the inspection of up to thirty 750m-long freight trains per day on the Fréthun yard.
  • Crossing of the first Chinese container train to connect Yiwu and London, in January 2017, via the Silk Road and the Channel Tunnel.

Eurostar passengers travelled through the Channel Tunnel in 2019


rail freight trains through the Tunnel in 2019


Eurostar passengers have travelled through the Tunnel since 1994

Performance: from a Fixed Link to a Vital Link
In 26 years, the Fixed Link has become the busiest rolling motorway in the world and the leader of the eco-responsible transport.

An operational and commercial success

The traffic figures and the records consistently broken over the course of time have shown the resilience in all circumstances of the commercial services offered by Eurotunnel. And beyond, the Fixed Link has generated new traffic flows which have been made possible by the Tunnel since 1994:

  • More than 450 million passengers have travelled through the Channel Tunnel on board the Eurotunnel Shuttles and high-speed Eurosstar trains, the equivalent of three times the populations of the United Kingdom and France combined.
  • Almost 430 million tonnes of goods have been carried through the Tunnel mainly on board the Eurotunnel Truck Shuttles but also on the freight trains of the Railway Operators.
  • More than 90 million vehicles have been transported, of which 60 million cars, coaches, camper-vans and motorcycles by Le Shuttle and 30 million trucks by Le Shuttle Freight.
  • Almost 3 million pets (dogs and cats) have travelled on board Le Shuttle since the opening of the service in February 2000.