ElecLink: a 1GW electrical interconnector between the United Kingdom and France via the Channel Tunnel

  • A news infrastructure creating value for the Group
  • An economic model proven over more than 20 years
  • 25-year exemption for the sale of capacity
  • 1,000MW electricity capacity, equivalent to the consumption of c.2 million households.

1,000MW direct current interconnector through the Channel Tunnel

logo ElecLink

The objectives of the ElecLink project are to build, install and operate an electrical interconnector between the United Kingdom and France, by installing two cables in the Channel Tunnel. These two cables will carry direct current, enabling electricity produced on either side of the Channel to be transferred for the export or import of energy.

The new interconnector ElecLink, a subsidiary wholly owned by the Group, will increase the current transmission capacity between the United Kingdom and France by 50%.

Labelled a «European project of common interest, the project has already obtained support from both countries when launched in 2012 on the one hand both and all the necessary authorisations from the relevant regulatory authorities on the other.

Construction works

Building the interconnector requires the installation of direct current cables in the North rail tunnel, the construction of two converter stations at Folkestone (UK) and Peuplingues (FR) and the burying of alternating current cables to reach the networks of British operator NGET and French operator RTE.

Launched in February 2017, the construction works are expected to last 36 months, with entry into operational service scheduled for the beginning of 2020.


A minimal impact on the environment through the use of the Channel Tunnel

The ElecLink project is distinguished by an exceptionally low impact on the environment as teh electrical connection will be made using the existing infrastructure of the Fixed Link to carry the cables. ElecLink will avoid any contact with the marine ecosystem. Supporting the balance of the energy mix of the UK and France, ElecLink will also lead to a reduction in carbon emissions of c.6.1 million tonnes up to 2030.

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